Who is MASH?

MASH is a chain of restaurants owned by the organisation Copenhagen Concepts. Copenhagen Concepts owns 10 MASH restaurants, as well as two cafés based on the Le Sommelier concept. They use Academy to keep the same high quality in all of their restaurants and ensure a high knowledge level among both new and existing employees.


MASH Academy

MASH Academy is the place where employees from Denmark, Germany and England can share knowledge across country borders.

Here, everyone employed in the MASH restaurants can train their knowledge about the fantastic meat and the good wines and how to provide guests with an unparallelled experience.

Employees can familiarise themselves with the new dishes before the menu changes, and the kitchen staff can see videos about how to prepare and arrange the dishes. This way, consistency from Rungsted Havn in Denmark to Hamburg in Germany is ensured.

On MASH Academy, suppliers like Danish Crown can teach employees about cattle and meat types, while HR can certify the waiters in conflict management – everything happens in the same place.


How does it work?

MASH uses A Close Shave to create all materials so they can focus on grilling steaks.

  • We write news and use graphics to create focus on important information

  • We develop campaigns that unite the use of Academy, web sites and social media

  • We guide MASH in campaigns and restaurant promotion

When you walk into one of our restaurants, you should expect extraordinary service. We want it to match the quality of our meat – and you will not find anything better on the market. Top-class service requires detailed employee knowledge about products, and Academy ensures this. When we add new dishes to the menu, both kitchen and floor are prepared with texts and videos about preparation methods and raw materials in an easy and interesting way. Managers can verify that their employees have familiarised themselves properly with the material and learn more themselves, among other things by reading materials about legal staff matters that are only available to the restaurant managers on the system.
— Erik Gemal Witting, Operational Director, MASH