700 employees from 104 Hi-Fi Klubben stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Holland meet on Hi-Fi Academy. Their implementation of Hi-Fi Academy has strengthened Hi-Fi Klubben’s culture and decentralised their internal communication. 

A crosswise meeting place

On Hi-Fi Academy, everybody helps each other regardless of whether they work in the main office or in a store. This eliminates time-consuming and unnecessary bottlenecks, saves time and strengthens daily knowledge sharing. Employees share experiences and good advice on a daily basis in a forum where everyone can contribute. Everything from the tiniest component in an amplifier to how to provide customers with the best possible service experience is discussed here. Employees have been provided with a meeting place for the audio passion, and this has increased their focus on developing the good customer guidance that Hi-Fi Klubben is known for.

Campaign preparation

Upcoming campaigns and product launches have become an integrated part of the employees’ work day. The road from knowledge to action has been shortened when the marketing department announces campaigns, which are followed up immediately by information, training and other preparations on the same platform. 

Hi-Fi Academy has optimised and decentralised internal communication to everyone’s benefit.


What made the difference?

  • Unification of intranet and knowledge sharing on one platform, enabling all employees to communicate with each other regardless of geographical spread
  • Optimised use of Hi-Fi Klubben’s resources
  • Better preparation of employees in connection with campaigns, catalogues and product launches
Here in Hi-Fi Klubben, we have tried most forms of online training and communication tools available. But we have never tried other systems that were as engaging and motivating for employees as the Academy system has proved to be.
— Christoffer Arensbach, CEO, Hi-Fi Klubben