Our FynBus was the first of eight Academy systems for the traffic sector. Today, the majority of Danish bus drivers have access to communication and training on an Academy system.  


In the autumn of 2011, FynBus introduced Academy as a knowledge portal for drivers. FynBus wanted to create an involving dialogue across the entire organisation and ensure that the drivers’ knowledge about new products was constantly updated. Training in everything from ticket types to traveling regulations went online with Vores FynBus. This enabled the drivers to always keep their knowledge up to date.


Goals and results

The project was an essential part of FynBus’ strategy to attract more passengers – realising that the driver is an important factor for the customer’s service experience and the perceived quality of the products.


The drivers are involved on Vores FynBus. On Academy, they can report e.g. capacity problems, ticketing product errors or schedule issues. This allows FynBus to respond quickly to the benefit of both drivers and customers.


Vores Fynbus produced results very fast. Three months after the introduction of Vores FynBus, the amount of customer complaints related to drivers had fallen by around 50 percent. Since the launch, customer satisfaction has increased by 24 percent. FynBus won The Danish Consumer Council Tænk’s Passagerpulsen’s customer service award in 2015.


What made the difference?

  • News coverage and continuous learning through certifications
  • One united dialogue-oriented platform 
  • The option to involve drivers in changes and new initiatives
Three months after the introduction of the Academy system to our drivers, the amount of driver-related customer complaints fell by 50%
— Uffe Tokehøj, Operations Manager, Fynbus