Who are Brøchner Hotels?

Brøchner Hotels began with one family-owned hotel, but one quickly turned into two, and two turned into three. Now the family consists of five boutique hotels in Copenhagen, and two more are on the way. Brøchner Hotels is an organisation with a sharp focus on their guests experiencing service on a high level, no matter which hotel they visit. 

The Power of Now

Brøchner Hotels’ Academy system, The Power of Now, enables management to communicate with all employees across hotels and work areas. 

The Power of Now is Brøchner Hotels‘ primary communication channel. Here, the CEO can comment on inbound selling from the receptionist, and the breakfast chef can deliver good marketing suggestions. All employees are trained specifically within their particular areas with goal-oriented training courses. All the courses contain essential basis knowledge about Brøchner Hotels’ values, products and concepts.


Brøchner Hotels have a strong brand with an easily identifiable visual identity that is reflected in The Power of Now. They use Academy in all aspects of their work. It strengthens employees’ workplace loyalty and enables them to share knowledge and train themselves in an easy and intuitive way. Brøchner Hotels are expanding, and the Academy system ensures that all new employees get a good introduction to the organisation, that they are trained thoroughly and that they get a sense of community. 


Why did they choose Academy?

  • Daily news with ideas and relevant information that everyone can read when they get the chance. 
  • Certifications in Brøchner Hotels’ signatures, concepts and values that ensure consistency and a high knowledge level among employees.
  • Training courses ensuring that relevant certifications are repeated continuously.
  • Knowledge sharing in the forum, where employees across workplaces share good stories and funny ideas and discuss life in the hotel industry.
The Power of Now helps us communicate, share knowledge and experience, train and educate all our employees at Brøchner Hotels in an efficient and inclusive way. Since we are a busy chain of boutique hotels, the forum plays a vital role and ensures the best possible service for our valued guests.
— Lene Larsen, Director of People Development, Brøchner Hotels