B&O Campus is the name of Academy for B&O PLAY’s international retailer network. Today, B&O Campus presents itself in English, German and Chinese, among other languages, since the retailers are based in more than 50 different countries.


Relation and learning

B&O Campus has made it possible for B&O PLAY to present upcoming products and involve their retailers so they are prepared for new launches. B&O Campus activates the retailer network with information directly from B&O PLAY. Here, B&O presents their new products, and training courses explain functionality and specifications to the retailers so they can communicate them to their customers in the best possible way.

B&O Campus strengthens the retailers’ relationship with B&O PLAY and also ensures top of mind for B&O PLAY’s products and brand. This has nurtured a very active community across country borders and retailers. Users help each other on a daily basis with questions about products, sales tips and customer service.


What made the difference?

  • A close partnership with B&O PLAY on coordinating launches and campaigns
  • Community focus creates a strong and helpful community with one goal: to sell and guide people in B&O PLAY products
  • Pre-launch training of sales staff creates top of mind and comfort with the B&O PLAY brand
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