Make internal communications a priority with Academy


Internal communications is every and all exchange of information happening within the walls of an organization. It’s there wether you cultivate it or not. Maybe this is the reason why so many do not explore the full potential found when internal communications is prioritized and communication is used as a strategic tool in daily work life.


Maybe you’ve experienced working in an organization where internal communications suffers from being at the bottom of the to-do list? The symptoms can be confusion of vision and means, doubt of responsibilities, a lack of vital information and sub-optimizing in departments. Just to name a few.

When internal communications is used effectively and works, it strengthens the organization – its cohesion and motivation. Communication makes the branches of the organization grow together, and work effectively towards a common goal.


The pitfalls of new platforms

One way to prioritize internal communications is to implement a platform for knowledge sharing. Academy is just one system among many. Some use Yammer, others Podio or Workplace – each with their unique features and focus.

The challenge of a new platform, whichever you choose, is that it is no better than the people who use it. A platform is not worth much if it is not implemented completely and glued into the work structures and culture of the organization. And it’s not worth much if it’s not evaluated upon and continually developed, to keep matching the organization’s changing needs. These exact pitfalls are often forgotten in the busy everyday life at the office. But there is no magic pill to achieve great internal communications, but prioritizing and selecting the right platform can be the means to the right end.


Continued support

Choosing an Academy system for your employees is to prioritize internal communications.

Unlike many of our competitors on the market, we don’t just sell a license to a system and then leave our clients to fend for their own communication. When we introduce an Academy system to a client, we’re part of the process from day one. From implementation to continued sparring, we’re there on the sidelines. We monitor the system, evaluate on activity and develop the system with the client to ensure that it keeps matching their changing goals and needs. Not just in the beginning, but year after year. The features in Academy are the same, but not two of our clients’ systems are alike. This is because we adjust each system to each client’s needs. If a client doesn’t have the sufficient resources in communications, we offer to produce content for the system. The client can opt in and out of this option, for a period of time or permanently.

The fact that we’re here as a partner for our clients all the way is one of the main reasons why none of our clients have ever opted out of Academy.

Mette Skovdal