The road to motivated employees and success comes from internal communication.


Knowledge sharing

We call Academy a knowledge platform, since knowledge is the turning point for the entire system. Knowledge is communicated to users through news, training courses with certifications, in forums and through dialogue between users.

Efficient knowledge sharing creates value for an organisation and workplace on many different parameters. Best practice is spread across the entire organisation. Users can help each other and thereby relieve the pressure on a head office. New initiatives or products can be communicated so they are received in the best possible way. A high knowledge level among employees inspires professional confidence and enables competent counseling for partners and customers.

In retail, the system is not only used for communication within the organisation but also as a direct channel from suppliers to their employees. The supplier can communicate information and training courses about products and campaigns directly to the employees who interact with the customers. This benefits everyone – the supplier gets a stronger relationship with the employees, and the employees learn more about about the products they sell and advise people about.

Bog og idé
Gyldendal involves Bog & idé’s employees in upcoming publications on their Academy system so they are ready to tell customers about the books when they hit the shelves. In connection with particularly important publications, they run bigger campaigns with competitions in order to ensure top-of-mind and boost sales.


Training takes place on Academy by way of certification – training courses that can be combined with preparatory videos or texts. One of Academy’s strongest elements is that the system motivates users to repeat relevant activities and thereby ensures that they retain their knowledge.

Academy is user-based and collects information about all employees’ training profiles. This way, Academy can estimate when there is a risk of users forgetting important information and react by focusing on a certification in the subject. Repetition is the key to moving information from the short-term to the long-term memory – so the user knows it by heart.

A good beginning is important for new employess. The introduction creates the basis for the employment, and progressing from a bad beginning can be difficult. With tailored courses on Academy, employee onboarding can be ensured right from the start.

Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen trains employees at their retailers in specifications and key selling points before launching new products. The certifications can be set to repeat at particular time intervals in order to ensure that employees know the information by heart.


Our customers use Academy to affect their sales – obviously in order to sell more, but also to sell the right products at the right times. Academy prepares employees before campaigns and connects internal and external communication. When the campaigns start, employees are ready with detailed knowledge about products and prepared to make a good sale.

Limited sales competitions can boost sales for selected products. Departments or stores compete with each other on sales, typically measured by index 100. Aside from increasing sales for selected products, employees are also motivated, and loyalty towards both department and brand is built.

Academy’s training courses also contribute to increasing sales, whether they are campaign-based or not. When employees feel comfortable with their basic knowledge about products and services, they are free to attempt upselling and additional sales as well as provide the customer with optimal guidance.

Cock's & Cows
Over 5 weeks, the restaurants in the burger franchise Cock's & Cows compete in an epic sales competition based on index numbers. Employees receive weekly updates, share experiences and boost each others‘ motivation on Academy, where the winner is also announced.


Academy is designed from the ground up to motivate – so users will return to the system, seek more knowledge and enter into dialogue with other users. Academy borrows dynamics from the games industry and rewards all activities with points. The user can follow his or her own development as well as that of others.

Every time a user reads a news article, completes a certification or creates a forum thread, the user is awarded points – Academy’s knowledge currency. This currency cannot be exchanged for prizes or other goods, but this parameter in itself motivates users. Employees can compete against other departments – and themselves – for points.

In the retail sector, average user logon is approximately 35 times per month – that is more than once per day. On Eventyrsports’ Academy system this is, among other things, due to their active forum where employees discuss products, procedures and their passion for outdoor life on a daily basis.


A Close Shave is not a typical IT vendor. When an organisation invests in an Academy system, we enter into a close cooperation to make the system succesful. The system is adapted to the organisation’s goals and needs, and we develop it continually so it keeps matching these.

We monitor the system and evaluate its activities with you – not only in the beginning, but year after year. We become the organisation’s sparring partner for system communication, and we handle quality control. This means that no customers have cancelled an Academy system to date.

Aside from having great ideas and loads of experience at the ready, our customers can also always get help with technical challenges, and we accept input for the system from our partners, so we develop together.

A Close Shave
According to needs and the chosen Academy solution, we hold status meetings with our customers 4 to 12 times per year – and we can always find the time on short notice in case extra sparring is required.


Academy offers a wide range of features, and more are added constantly.

Community ikon


  • Forum

  • Comments and likes

  • Profiles

  • Message module

  • Livefeed

  • Activity feed

  • Calendar

  • Work groups

Kommunikation ikon


  • SMS

  • News posts

  • Newsfeed

  • SoMe embed

  • Video embed

  • Newsletter

  • Segmentation

  • File sharing

  • Group messages

Gamification ikon


  • Achievements

  • Scorecard

  • Ambassador program

  • Points

  • Ranking

  • Battlebox

  • Competitions

Overblik ikon


  • GDPR Compliant

  • SSL

Undersøgelser ikon


  • Satisfaction surveys

  • Workplace risk assessment

  • Anonymity

  • Polls

Brand ikon


  • Images and video

  • Campaigns

  • Product/service focus

Onboarding ikon


  • Training course

  • Onsite learning

Integration ikon


  • Weekly/
    monthly reports

  • Activity log

  • Activity statistics

  • Sales tool

  • Sales index

Motivation ikon


  • Social proof

  • Competitions

  • Vouchers

Indsigt ikon


  • Pay systems

  • Economy systems

  • Customer satisfaction systems

  • Sales system

Sparring ikon


  • Continuous support

  • Sparring between customers

  • Assigned contact person

  • Content production

Content Management ikon


  • User-friendly editor access

  • Target demographic segmentation