Among the many systems available for internal communication and training, the majority of the greater Danish transport authorities have chosen Academy.

Fynbus and Nordjyllands Trafikselskab were among the first authorities to introduce an Academy system to unite their communication and online training into one platform. Since then, Movia has become a member of the Academy family and together with Sydtrafik, Funbys implemented a united platform for flex transportation drivers in 2015. Sydtrafik is currently launching Academy for additional bus drivers in the region, and Movia’s flex transportation drivers will also get their own meeting place in Academy.

More than 7,000 drivers have access to an Academy system today.

Which benefits do the transport authorities gain by choosing Academy over the many alternatives in the market? The sheer mass of data we collect from the systems provide us with valuable insights here. Academy has proved to be an efficient communication platform by using a combination of news, text messages, game elements and social drivers that motivate drivers to read the same news and posts that their colleagues have searched for. Every time a news item is published on an Academy system, it will, on average, be read by 71 percent of all the drivers it is published to. That is a very high average for a communication platform where reading news is not obligatory.

Average Login
When a driver logs in on his Academy system, he is, on average, online for 10.3 minutes. During this time, the driver is shown 23.89 pages, and he completes 2.1 training sessions. The training sessions revolve around topics that are relevant to carrying out the driver’s work – such as customer support, traffic regulations, ticketing, mobile cards as well as regulation in respect of driving hours and rest hours.

From The Professional Space to A Social Universe
Academy offers drivers a community across their local workplaces and geographical distances. The social element in particular and the freedom to comment on news and posts in forums seem to be important to the drivers who spend their workday alone in the drivers’ seats.

The drivers often log in while on the go – during breaks or at stops. Among 60 percent of the drivers’ logins are from mobile devices. For several of the bus companies, the primary motivation to acquire an Academy system for the drivers has been to make sure that they can complete mandatory certifications through an online solution. Today, we see that the Academy systems are not just a professional space, however, but that they have also become a social universe. This is emphasized by the fact that several of the bus companies have given retired drivers asking for it the option to continue their presence in Academy after they have left their workplace.

Data Provide New Timetables for Academy
A Close Shave’s customers can confirm how much we appreciate data. Therefore, Academy collects and analyses data streams that we use to evaluate and develop the system so it is constantly optimised to the benefit of both system owners and users. We look at what motivates users in the individual systems, what they spend their time on and which topics they are interested in, for example. If we look at the Academy systems currently in use among transportation authorities, we gain this overall data image:

7,224 drivers are active in the systems. Core numbers for a typical month look like this:

The drivers…

– Log in 30,000+ times (on average more than 1,000 logins per day!)
– Are shown 700,000+ pages (corresponding to approx. 1,388 copies of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s newest novel, Selfie)
– Complete 60,000 training sessions (in topics like commuter card, first aid, customer service, traffic regulations, ticketing, driver console, regulations in respect of driving hours and rest hours and mobile card)
– Spend 5,000+ hours in Academy (Approx. 200 days)

We look forward to seeing what the numbers look like when the amount of active Academy drivers reaches 10,000.

A Close Shave is interested in implementing Academy among foreign transportation authorities. If you are interested in becoming an agent in this regard, please feel very welcome to contact us at

Written by Mette Harboe
Mette has a broad range of communication skills that both we and our customers benefit greatly from. Mette feels right at home when working with everything from campaign planning, internal communication and project management to strategy, process control and text writing.