Who Are We

A Close Shave was established by Robin Andersen in 2003 and today, the company consists of ten fiery souls with expertise in communication, media, graphics and project management. We are happy to offer a cup of coffee if you would like to meet us and the Academy system.

You can find us here:

A Close Shave
Landemærket 25
1119 København K
A Close Shave
Vesterbro 18
9000 Aalborg C

Brian Fabricius

Sales Director

Brian is our sales ninja and the face of A Close Shave. He is known for his great personal drive, a proactive attitude and a holistic approach. In his suitcase Brian brings a good business understanding in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector and more than 15 years experience in electronic sales.

Sales for the sake of selling does not make sense in Brians eyes – what does make sense is being able to put himself in the shoes of our clients and their challenges and finding the best option for them. You will know Brian as a talented and present communicator.At the office Brian is our main supplier of great coffee and good vibes.

When Brian isn’t at the office, he’s off doing business elsewhere. He owns a tailor shop in Africa, which produces bags made out of recycled bicycle tubes and colorful butterflies under the two brands: Bangura and Payamba.

Ask Brian about: 
Gadgets, crossfit, stocks, danish design furniture, MMORPG, port wine, architecture, Apple products and heavy metal.

Don’t ask Brian about:
Celebrities, conventional farming, vegetarian food, places outside Europe, animals, American TV-shows or any type of sport.

Tlf: +45 41 200 500
E-mail: brian@acloseshave.com

CroppedFocusedImage480480-RobinAndersenRobin Andersen

CEO & Partner

In 2003, Robin Andersen set out to create an online medium that could move people, knowledge and products for Danish retail companies. With the Academy system, he combined his 20 years of retail experience and sales with 25 years of experience with online media.
Robin is driven by the need to develop and create results. Among his primary interests are collection and analysis of data used for creating results and development within the Academy systems and A Close Shave. Robin has a close – some would even say marital – relation to his partner through many years and development manager Henrik, and the two of them can spend many concentrated hours geeking out about new Academy functions.

Robin does not only collect data about the systems. He also tracks his own calorie intake, exercise and blood pressure, and he wakes up to an analysis of his sleep every morning. Those are all important factors in Robin’s life, just like the motto: “Going to work should be fun!” – a sentence often uttered by Robin in A Close Shave’s office.

Ask Robin about: 
Recommendations for Copenhagen’s restaurants, food photography, comic books, Google Analytics, travelling in Iceland, campaigns, Apple products, luxury umbrellas, wine and generally everything driven by power.

Don’t ask Robin about:
Cooking, cars, building and crafting, sports and what he just said.

Tlf: +45 27 11 40 00
E-mail: robin@acloseshave.com

henrik_BWHenrik Abel Larsen

Systems Architect & Partner

Some people eat oatmeal for breakfast. Henrik eats Photoshop files or SQL databases with a sprinkle of jQuery on top. With a broad arsenal of tools, a MacBook and a network of specialists, Henrik is both the backbone and the front of the Academy system.
Henrik has been working with the fundamental ideas about a gamified information network since 2003. Ideas that have in recent years developed into what we today know as Academy – a social knowledge platform.

The inspiration for Academy is found in the real world, together with our clients and in the world of gaming Henrik’s long-running passion for gamification and retail commerce creates the perfect balance between a technically advanced system and a user experience that is both easily accessible and comprehensible – beauty and intelligence combined.
Henrik works from the office in Aalborg.

Ask Henrik about:
Databases, interface design, Photoshop, wearable gadgets, wine and rum, data mining, American TV shows, cars, bicycles and gadgets for them, coffee, Apple’s history, 24-bit music and other lossless audio formats.

Don’t ask Henrik about:
Why your computer doesn’t work, kids, Rome, professional sports, Windows (unless it is 3.11, in which case he is a walking encyclopedia).

Tlf: +45 30 22 44 66
E-mail: henrik@acloseshave.com

CroppedFocusedImage480480-MetteMette Harboe

Project Manager and Systems Coordinator

Mette has a broad range of communication skills that both we and our clients benefit greatly from. Mette feels right at home when working with everything from campaign planning, internal communication and project management to strategy, process control and text writing.
Mette is probably the least technically-minded person in the office – but the most talkative one, on the other hand. She has a very well-developed and clever sense of humour and makes sure that every day in A Close Shave’s office is entertaining and inspiring.

Ask Mette about:
Trending podcasts, cat videos, strategy, communication, puns, creative processes, plants, documentary movies, corporate culture and social media.

Don’t ask Mette about:
Where she put her keys or other belongings, other Nordic languages, video games, geography or anything driven by power.

Tlf: +45 61 27 16 19
E-mail: mette@acloseshave.com

CroppedFocusedImage480480-billedeMarie Anne Ashton

Project Coordinator

Professionally, Marie is forged by media and communication and works as both a project manager and graphic designer. Her passion for video games means that she has several years of experience with the retail part of the games industry. That makes Marie a bit of a catch for this office when we work with new ways to integrate gaming elements in the Academy system and turn it into an even more entertaining and motivating universe.

Marie works primarily with our Academy systems for transport authorities who benefit a lot from her incredibly methodical and efficient approach to her work.

Ask Marie about:
Batman, planning, communication, Xbox, graphic design, Instagram, embroidering, bus traffic and Twin Peaks.

Don’t ask Marie about:
Anything while she is doing something else.

Tlf: +45 20 83 53 44
E-mail: marie@acloseshave.com

CroppedFocusedImage480480-BWMetteMette Skovdal

Text Writer & Content Manager

With a master’s degree in philosophy, Mette hans brought new insight to our team. She is a talented text writer with a humorous approach to motivating our target groups in the Academy system.
You will often find Mette with her head deeply buried in a book, and she is also the one to ask for good reading recommendations. Having worked with publishing before and reviewing books in her sparetime, Mette has experience with several aspects of the book industry – which is indeed relevant when we provide training for the employees in the Bog og idé, Boghandleren and Bøger & Papir stores.

Ask Mette about:
Rhymes, books, the meaning of life, tea, whiskey, Pages, text writing, Swedish and Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Don’t ask Mette about:
How to mix a mojito, the Godfather movies, mathematics and the difference between left and right.

Tlf: +45 50 72 51 04
E-mail: mette.skovdal@acloseshave.dk

CroppedFocusedImage480480-julie-horupJulie Horup

Social Media & Content Manager

Julie has a communication education with special focus on video games – a quite general theme in A Close Shave. Before Julie arrived here, she was combining her gaming passion with her professional skills as a games journalist for newspapers and magazines. Here in A Close Shave’s office, Jule is one of the driving forces behind text production and she is our most important social media resource.

It is often said that quality and quantity cannot be combined. Julie has proven this to be untrue. When she approaches a task, it is always carried out swiftly and with amazing results.

Ask Julie about:
Grammar, social media, everything about games (and 80s horror flicks) and the joy of mojitors (unless Mette mixed them).

Don’t ask Julie about:
Anger management, Danish music and IKEA on a Saturday morning.

Tlf: +45 27 30 37 06
E-mail: julie@acloseshave.com

Emma Viktoria Frederiksen

Content & Communication

Emma is the ultimate water expert at the office. Luckily she has brought more than that with her from her job at a utility company: loads of experience with communication, which we now benefit from. With a sharp grammatical sense, an understanding for communicating and great Photoshop skills, Emma is a perfect match for the office.

With Emmas broad array of skills, she is our favourite octopus. Her tentacles reach across many of our Academy-systems, where her logical thinking and quick learning skills assures that tasks are solved quickly and effectively. When Emma isn’t at A Close Shave she’s studying for a Masters in English at the University of Copenhagen.

Ask Emma about:
TV-shows, teen movies from the 80’s, African culture and Photoshop.

Don’t ask Emma about:
Exercise, movement of the limbs or sports in general, or how to drive a car (unless you want to end up in a tree).

E-mail: emma@acloseshave.com

Jesper Green

Intent Marketing Specialist

Jesper is our Go-to guy, when it comes to Intent Marketing. He makes strategies and tactics for intelligent use of for example newsletters. Jesper looks into the intent and behavior of your customers, and according to that, he designs content which leads the customers customer further down the sales funnel.

Jesper is passionate about extreme sports like Iron Man or military Pentathlon. He often spend nights in the woods in the company of his dog, where he hunts down food with a variety of lines, hooks and throwing stars.

Ask Jesper about:
SEO, texts and sementics, newsletters, poetry, SoMe advertising, Danish and English literature and variations og survival strategies for when the zombies attack.

Don’t ask Jesper about:
Sports, cars, help for moving or hanging up lamps.


joelJoel Grøndrup

Frontend Developer

Joel Grøndrup has a communication background from the advertising industry. Today, Joel is a HTML wizard, working with websites and with a particular focus on technical details and design at A Close Shave. Perhaps it is Joel’s communication experience that enables him to identify a client’s demands and meet them – we are not sure, but we know that he creates value for both us and our clients.

Ask Joel about:
Wine, French gastronomy, winter bathing, web design, Flash, copywriting and Pink Floyd.

Don’t ask Joel about: 

runeRune Lütken Meland

Graphic Designer

Rune is our go-to guy when it comes to great design. He is always aiming for perfection in his work, and you will often see him staring into his screen for hours, while he makes miniscule, detailed changes. If there is anything in this world that Rune can get worked up about, it is poor design.

Rune loves comics. Pure happiness radiates from his eyes when he obtains a rare one. Among his other interests are heavy metal, video games and music festivals with upcoming bands in Copenhagen.

Ask Rune about:
Graphic design, the best animal GIFs on the internet, typography, layout, colour theory, Adobe CC Suite, board games, movies and TV shows, any sugar-coated food, photography, comics and sci-fi.

Don’t ask Rune about:
Sport, cars, the taste of red pepper and how to get unharmed through central Copenhagen on a bike.

Asger and Søren

Photo and Video Production

Asger and Søren cares about coffee .. and film … and cycling … Asger and Søren both have a Masters in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen, and together they run the company Framework Films. The concept is simple and well-tested. To guys, to cameras and a great love of good shots and great stories.

Together they’ll guide you through the entire process, wether we’re talking small or big productions. Then you’re sure to get a good result. Asger and Søren have specialized in both commercial-, web-, -event- and product films.

Ask Asger and Søren about:
Gadgets, IT, Quentin Tarantino, cars, picture compositions, editing, coffee, teaching, the Coen-brothers and cycling.

Don’t ask Asger and Søren about:
RomComs, Kähler design, christenings and skin care products.