Academy contains a wealth of features. Among these, the system serves as an important HR department tool for onboarding and insights into employee commitment and skill base. 

When customers approach us and want to learn more about Academy, they have different motivations. Some inquire about a knowledge platform with the single purpose of increasing product sales. Others are interested in improved customer service. And then there are those who utilize a handful of different communication channels on a daily level and see Academy as an option to consolidate all of these channels into one.

There are also those who need an HR tool for employee training, motivating them to seek out knowledge independently as well as tracking of performance and commitment. We will be focusing on this last group here.

Improve through insight
What can an HR department or manager use Academy for? Through information and online training, Academy ensures that employees are always updated on new products, campaigns, workflow changes or objectives. By using easily accessible data, Academy offers insights into how many employees complete training sessions and how they well they perform.

Different departments’ activity and performance in these sessions can be tracked against each other. Data is generated all the way down to the individual level so you can see to which extent single employees seek knowledge on Academy and how they do in training sessions.

The purpose behind all of this is not to let the HR department or management wag their fingers at employees, but rather to analyse where a helping hand might be needed.

Academy can reveal gaps in employee knowledge so you can adjust, for instance by communicating more about the subject in question or communicate about it in a different way. One department might also show more initiative than another when it comes to seeking out knowledge, so it might be helpful to examine the causes behind this.

We communicate data from Academy to our customers in other to provide them with insight into their employees’ knowledge and activity levels that helps them improve.

Make a strong start
When an employee is new in the workplace, a lot of knowledge about workflow, policies, products and services must be acquired. Academy ensures that the employee gets the best start possible. Already when the employee has signed the employment contract, he or she will be able to enter the Academy universe. The organisation has the option to create an introductory session for the employee on Academy to let him or her acquire important information gradually through news and training sessions. In this way, the new person on the team will get a great start in the new job, and the organisation can save and training resources.

A mouthpiece for the top
Communicating management’s visions and objectives is a typical task for the HR department. Several of our customers use the option to blog with either video or text in Academy. At Brøchner Hotels, CEO Karim Nielsen has been blogging regularly to employees through their Academy system, THE POWER OF NOW. In his blogs, Karim Nielsen communicates his thoughts about the organisation and the market, individual hotel initiatives and what the future brings – and brings the organisation’s strategies down to earth.

Lene Larsen, Director of People Development, Brøchner Hotels says:

“The Power of Now helps us communicate, share knowledge and experience, and train and educate all of our employees at Brøchner Hotels in an efficient and inclusive way.”

If you want to learn more about all of Academy’s features or see the system in action, please feel very welcome to contact us at

Written by Mette Harboe
Mette has a broad range of communication skills that both we and our customers benefit greatly from. Mette feels right at home when working with everything from campaign planning, internal communication and project management to strategy, process control and text writing.