Since 2014, Hi-Fi Klubben has been using Academy to train their employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands, and the system has been serving as a daily source of information where employees can read news and learn more about products.

The system has not only enabled its users to keep themselves updated about product launches and important announcements internally as well as externally; it has also become an important part of daily life in Hi-Fi Klubben, with employees consistently returning for daily visits and building an engaged and active community fueled by knowledge sharing and work satisfaction.

Now, Hi-Fi Klubben will take their next step when their current system – which is joined by Hi-Fi Klubben’s new employees in Germany – is consolidated into one system that will serve as their employee intranet in the future.

We have seen what Academy can do for our customers when it is expanded into an intranet. Brøchner Hotels was the first one of our customers that chose to use the platform as an exclusive communication channel for their employees. Since then, lots of customers have followed their example – most recently Hi-Fi Klubben on an international level.

With 100 stores in five countries this is no small decision for Hi-Fi Klubben, but our shared experience with Academy has shown that this is the next natural step for an even stronger Hi-Fi Klubben and its employees. Not only does Academy deliver a solid and secure platform that has already proven its worth for the employees, it also allows them to communicate directly with their foreign colleagues, effectively allowing knowledge sharing to flow freely from country to country as everything is available on one platform – Academy.

Here in Hi-Fi Klubben, we have tried out most types of online training and communication tools available. However, we have never seen any systems engaging and motivating our employees to the extent that Academy has”, says Christoffer Arensbach, Hi-Fi Klubben CCO/CEO.

Here at A Close Shave we are of course looking forward to taking Hi-Fi Klubben’s internal communication to the next level, and we are incredibly proud to have been chosen by some of the retail trade’s most professional, funniest and geekiest people.

Written by Mette Skovdal
With a master’s degree in philosophy, Mette hans brought new insight to our team. She is a talented text writer with a humorous approach to motivating our target groups in the Academy system.