2016 has been an excellent year for B&O PLAY with the successful launch of their portable Bluetooth speaker A1, which has just become Bang & Olufsen’s fastest-selling product ever with 50,000 sold units.

Since then, B&O PLAY has also sent their first wireless in-ear headphones, H5, on the market and they are not ready to take another great step for the organisation: They will launch an Academy system for their retail partners in the Nordics and Europe called B&O PLAY Campus.

Even though B&O PLAY is already very successful, they have seen the potential in going in new directions and engaging with their partners’ employees. When employees obtain easy access to comprehensive knowledge about and build a close relationship with those products they are working with on a daily basis in the stores, you will see a great difference – not only in terms of sales, but also greater work and customer satisfaction.

”Customers in the stores have high demands and high expectations for advice on purchasing quality products, and we are fully aware of this and invest actively in training our partners; working with a brand like B&O PLAY places an obligation on us to offer service at the highest level, which in turn places demands on the stores,” says Martin Bloch, Global Training Manager at B&O PLAY.

When employees feel comfortable with the products, the customers also feel comfortable in the stores. This creates the optimal sales situation, where employees are armed with comprehensive knowledge while the customers can rely on getting a positive experience that reflects the high quality which B&O PLAY is famous for.

Therefore, B&O PLAY will now assume the responsibility of equipping their partners with even more knowledge about not just B&O PLAY, but also their growing range of loudspeakers and headphones. Among other things, Campus gives employess access to the most recent B&O PLAY news and trainings, and they will also benefit from a closer cooperation with B&O PLAY.

”Giving the stores a system that brings relevant information and insights to them in an exciting and motivational way is incredibly important to us – and we have decided that A Close Shave is in a league of their own,” Martin Bloch adds.

It is no secret that we are very proud of welcoming an international organisation like B&O PLAY to the Academy family here at A Close Shave. We know from experience how important it is to prepare retail employees properly, and we are very eager to rise to this challenge together with B&O PLAY.

Written by Julie Horup
Julie has a communication education with special focus on video games – a quite general theme in A Close Shave. Before Julie arrived here, she was combining her gaming passion with her professional skills as a games journalist for newspapers and magazines. Here in A Close Shave’s office, Jule is one of the driving forces behind text production and she is our most important social media resource.