“Academy enables us to communicate training, news, sales exercises and much, much more across country borders and in an easily accessible way – Christoffer Arensbach, CEO, Hi-Fi Klubben A/S'

A Close Shave is the publisher behind the social knowledge platform Academy – a system developed to meet companies’ needs to share knowledge and increase their employees’ knowledge about products and services. With Academy, companies enable their employees to access and share relevant information anytime and anywhere.

What can Academy be used for

  • Easy and simple communication of relevant information
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices across the company’s layers and units
  • Obtaining a high level of knowledge about products through information and online training
  • Developing closer relations between employees and the company’s vendors
  • Preparing employees for campaigns targeting customers, aiming to achieve increased sales, better service and improved product assistance
  • Measuring commitment and level of knowledge among employees and targeting marketing and product communication
  • Creating motivation to seek knowledge by participating in contests and gamification elements
  • Identification of key employees


Not just another IT system
When A Close Shave delivers an Academy system to a company, we do no just let the company itself handle implementation activities and ongoing development randomly. We take part in the implementation of the system, and we will stay as a partner to the company and its vendors and help with system usage, development and running campaigns – and monitor system communication and ensure text and graphics quality as well.

A professional sparring partner for internal communication
Most companies are no doubt aware of the importance of a well-functioning and effective internal communication. This can be one of those areas that are often neglected or given a lower priority, however. With a partnership with A Close Shave the company that owns an Academy system gets a continuous sparring partner for internal communication. We aim to ensure that internal communications on Academy reflects external marketing, communicating both the company’s short- and long-term strategic goals, as well as ensure that communication does not just run from top to bottom, but also from bottom to top – and across the entire organisation.

“Three months after introducing the Academy system to our drivers, driver-related customer complaints had decreased by 50 % - Uffe Tokehøj, Operations Manager, FynBus

Onboarding with Academy
When arriving in a new workplace, you have to learn a lot of things. You must remember colleagues’ names, familiarize yourself with working procedures, obtain an overview of products and services and, not least, the IT systems. A starting-up course is demanding for the new employee and resource-intensive for the workplace.
Academy gives the workplace and the employee an optimal start and minimizes the amount of resources spent on training. Already from day 1, the new employee can log on and get a basic overview of the new workplace by reading news, increasing knowledge about products and learn colleagues’ names, for instance.