No, this isn’t the first time we have our hands on the book industry. Our Academy-system (and intranet) for the countrys booksellers in Bog & idé, BOGhandleren and Bøger & papir has increased knowledge sharing since 2013.

Now we’re launching a new knowledge platform, made to insure the flow of communication between libraries, authors and publishers. A channel of communications like this hasn’t existed before, and we’re sure that Vores litteratur (Our literature, as the Academy-system is called), will fill a gap on the shelf.

In cooperation with Rikke Toft Kleemann, who has worked in the book industry since 1999, we’re launching Vores litteratur on November 21st 2016. On the system libraries, authors and publishers can inform each other of i.e. new titles, foreign authors visiting, author talks and new ideas.

Authors can present themselves and their titles, arrange visits and events directly with the libraries. The libraries can also contact the authors directly, train their knowledge on chosen titles and keep up-to-date on relevant information. The goal is to create better conditions for literature and the literary field in Denmark, by having the three book-loving parts of the equation get closer to one another.

We look forward to seeing Vores litteratur flourish and become a rallying point for literary enthusiasts from different parts of the industry. At A Close Shave, several of us have a past in, and a love of, the book industry, so we’re happy to put our skills to use in insuring effectivity and increased knowledge sharing for librarians, authors and publishers every day.

Read more in the Danish press release, which was also made public on Bogmarkedet November 1st.

If you, as an author, librarian our publisher, has stumbled across this article and would like to learn more, please contact Rikke Toft Kleemann at

Written by Mette Skovdal
With a master’s degree in philosophy, Mette hans brought new insight to our team. She is a talented text writer with a humorous approach to motivating our target groups in the Academy system.