Bog & idé has initiated a campaign that will turn into a permanent focus area for all their stores. The chain has used Academy to tie its external and internal communication together before launch. 

Bog & idé’s new focus area is about bringing the joy of reading to children. Bog & idé will become the bookstore chain with the greatest focus on a proper selection of childrens’ books and advice on how make the little ones enjoy reading.

Thorough preparation
‘Læseglæde i Børnehøjde’ – ’Reading Enjoyment For Children’ – was launched in the middle of June 2017 with catalogues, web-based campaigns, updated store selections and campaign materials in stores.

Prior to the campaign, Indeks Retail A/S, the stores’ headquarter, put a solid effort into preparing employees with courses where experts taught reading enjoyment and techniques. Material about the upcoming campaign was gathered on the employees’ Academy system, which serves as an intranet for both the main office and all of the stores.

At the same time, those employees that wanted to spearhead the project were able to become ambassadors by completing a special knowledge course on Academy. This focused on reading news and information about the project and completing training in the course material designed to hone employees’ skills to advise and provide service for the target group. In the social and professional space in the stores’ Academy system, the ambassador title signals that the employees have achieved a certain knowledge level.

Ambassadors with Academy
Academy can be configured to guide users through a structured knowledge course. This feature is most commonly used together with onboarding – introducing new employees to their new workplace. However, the feature can be configured to guide employees through any type of knowledge courses, such as the case of Bog & idé with preparation before a campaign and a future focus area for stores. Academy supports and communicates the internal part of the campaign to the customer so it matches their needs and timing to the greatest possible effect.

”In connection with Bog & idé’s project ’Læseglæde i Børnehøjde’, it was necessary for us to motivate and inform our members through all channels. Especially Academy and the tailored ambassador course have enabled us to reward those stores that have participated in our ’Reading Enjoyment’ courses. Furthermore, those stores that were unable to participate were allowed to prepare themselves properly for the campaign. This has given all of us a feeling of being as ‘close’ to each other as possible with a total of 124 independent stores and thus become even stronger,”

says Kirsten Lukmann Jensen, project manager in Indeks Retail A/S.

Written by Mette Harboe
Mette has a broad range of communication skills that both we and our customers benefit greatly from. Mette feels right at home when working with everything from campaign planning, internal communication and project management to strategy, process control and text writing.